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Charles Burrell & The Longest Walk

Described as the "Jackie Robinson of classical music," Charles Burrell is recognized as the first African American musician to break the color barrier and perform in a major American symphony. Performing with both the Denver Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony at the beginning of his career, he later performed with jazz legends Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday, Erroll Garner, Duke Ellington, Count Bassie, and Miles Davis. At 101 years old, Charles Burrell's legendary life has become the subject of Vohn Regensburger's latest documentary The Longest Walk. Set for release in the … [Read More...] about Charles Burrell & The Longest Walk

“Set Your Stop Sign on Fire”

Aimee Herman Talks About the Writer’s Craft. Aimee Herman compares their writing process to dinner at a buffet restaurant. Sit down, try lots of things, gorge and gorge, and then think: “that was delicious—I'm so full, I’m never doing that again.” But Herman always goes back to try something new—in poetry, fiction, performance, and songwriting. By going back and trying again for 10 years, … [Read More...] about “Set Your Stop Sign on Fire”

Filmmaking & the Creative Process with Vohn Regensburger of Gymnopedie Films

Movies have depended on music for longer than they have had words. Though silent films used musical scores to guide an audience's emotional experience of a film, it was Alan Crosland's The Jazz Singer (1927) that turned Hollywood away from silent movies. Utilizing both synchronized musical scores and lip-synchronized singing and speech Crosland introduced the film industry to a new way of guiding … [Read More...] about Filmmaking & the Creative Process with Vohn Regensburger of Gymnopedie Films

Must Read Books for Creative Educators

Among the skills discussed by forward looking educators, creativity is considered most vital. Across the globe educators are retooling courses to help students prepare for an economy that relies more on creativity and innovation. Educators looking for a deep dive into the challenges ahead of them should consider Creativity Under Duress in Education? Resistive Theories, Practices, and Actions … [Read More...] about Must Read Books for Creative Educators

Psychedelics, Stress & Creativity

There’s no denying we are in a cultural, mental health crisis. The trajectory has been moving that way for quite some time, but the sustained limbo presented by the pandemic has pushed us to new levels of fragility and angst. This, paired with a mounting sense of sociopolitical tension and increased financial instability—well, we can all agree that things have definitely been better. And where and … [Read More...] about Psychedelics, Stress & Creativity

Review: Make Your Art No Matter What

Beth Pickens is not an artist. She makes as much clear in the introduction to Make Your Art No Matter What: Moving Beyond Creative Hurdles, a book written both for and about artists. Although she doesn’t face the challenges of an artist herself, Pickens is a licensed therapist who has dedicated her professional life to helping artists of all types overcome creative hurdles from time management to … [Read More...] about Review: Make Your Art No Matter What

Where to Begin Your Study of Creativity

If you're new to the study of creativity, or you are a creative who has just jumped into the 'meta-end' of the pool, a good place to start your consideration is with Oxford University Press' Creativity: A Very Short Introduction by Vlad Glăveanu PhD.  A professor in the Department of Psychology at Webster University in Geneva, Dr. Glăveanu explores the cultural psychology of creativity. In … [Read More...] about Where to Begin Your Study of Creativity

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