• Inaugural Summer 2021 Issue •


Simon Van Booy: The Writer’s Art and Practice

Simon Van Booy writes fiction and philosophy, beautifully. Commentators call his prose elegiac, spare, and luminous. Many delight in his gift for surprises. Van Booy’s short-story collection, Love Begins in Winter, won the Frank O’Connor Award in 2009. He has 16 books in print, including a new novel, Night Came With Many Stars, released this June. Twice during April 2021, Van Booy and I met in our homes via Zoom —he in Brooklyn, I in St. Louis. The author spoke from an ivory-walled room decorated with simple line drawings, a scroll of calligraphy, and a geometric Lucite lamp. The dark … [Read More...] about Simon Van Booy: The Writer’s Art and Practice

Charlotte Brontë’s “Possession”: What Writers Can Learn from the Author of Jane Eyre

“Charlotte Brontë was essentially a trance writer” (311), so writes Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar in their wildly popular feminist text The Madwoman in the Attic. Brontë’s art form, though well-rehearsed after decades of writing alongside her sisters, is almost as mystical and mythologized as Jane Eyre itself, with strange and morbidly fascinating tales of Charlotte’s peers watching her write at a furious pace, her eyes closed and gripping her pencil in a crushing grip, at the most inopportune … [Read More...] about Charlotte Brontë’s “Possession”: What Writers Can Learn from the Author of Jane Eyre

Dismantling the Barriers to Creative Entrepreneurship

Business schools almost universally claim to enable creative thinkers, game-changers, and unicorn raisers—but are they fostering entrepreneurship the right way? The world needs creative entrepreneurs—inventors of ground-breaking concepts or products that can improve lives and change the way we live and work. In a world where industries vanish in a generation and humanity is threatened by environmental catastrophe, human creativity is no longer a commendable talent—it is essential for solving … [Read More...] about Dismantling the Barriers to Creative Entrepreneurship

Exploring Sticker Art Culture with DAVe TOO

If you live in a city or large suburb, this may be a familiar scene. You're walking down a sidewalk; it could be almost anywhere. And, you come upon the back of a street sign, or an electrical junction box, even a window or steel door that is covered with stickers. Some are artistic images, some political, while others are humorous; and none are commercial. Such marginal spaces are the community canvas of the sticker artist. A sub-community of the "Street Art" scene, sticker artists are a … [Read More...] about Exploring Sticker Art Culture with DAVe TOO

Fostering Creative Thinkers

In recent years, educators have focused on developing students’ critical thinking skills, rather than their creative thinking. Critical thinking has been valued more in schools because it prioritizes being objective, skeptical, and resourceful before making decisions. Peter Facione defines critical thinking as “purposeful, reflective judgment which manifests itself in reasoned consideration of evidence, context, methods, standards, and conceptualizations in deciding what to do or what to … [Read More...] about Fostering Creative Thinkers

Gaudí’s Park Güell at 100: Celebrating a Creative Visionary’s Failure

The construction of Antoni Gaudí's Park Güell in Barcelona stuttered to a halt in 1914. In Gaudí’s view, however, the project was hardly finished. He and his sponsor Eusebi Güell had envisioned an elaborate residential development on the outskirts of Barcelona when they began planning the project in 1899, but the residential aspect of this project never caught on with potential buyers. In the end, only two of the envisioned sixty homes were built, one of which served as Gaudí’s residence from … [Read More...] about Gaudí’s Park Güell at 100: Celebrating a Creative Visionary’s Failure

Habits, Hobbies, & How to use Them for a Creative Life

One of the increasingly difficult aspects of living a creative life in the twenty-first century is defining and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. It can be tempting to see creativity as a road impeded by daunting blockades, ones that must be charged through or leapt over with strenuous focus and uninterrupted resolve. Studies show this is not the most effective approach and in my own creative life, I can confirm that this mentality doesn’t yield much joy, nor inspiration. Often, as we approach a … [Read More...] about Habits, Hobbies, & How to use Them for a Creative Life

Relearning Creativity for Business Impact

How to get beyond business-as-usual to a creative breakthrough: be real, angry, paranoid, be a thief, and be yourself. Creativity is a word that often conjures up visions of artists furiously at work in a messy studio, a brush stroke bringing life to a blank canvas, or children happily moulding brightly coloured clay. It almost feels as if creativity belongs to these situations and these people. But, as teachers and practitioners of innovation, we believe that everyone is inherently creative. … [Read More...] about Relearning Creativity for Business Impact

The Secret to Creativity – According to Science

Whether you get mesmerised by Vincent van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night or Albert Einstein’s theories about spacetime, you’ll probably agree that both pieces of work are products of mindblowing creativity. Imagination is what propels us forward as a species –it expands our worlds and brings us new ideas, inventions and discoveries. But why do we seem to differ so dramatically in our ability to imagine? And can you train yourself to become more imaginative? Science has come up with some … [Read More...] about The Secret to Creativity – According to Science

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